Holiday ideas for fully vaccinated travellers from the UK

Double jabbed? Where to travel from July 19th.

Double jabbed? Where to travel from July 19th.

Well what a time, finally the UK decided to drop the quarantine to the Amber list for those who are double jabbed, grateful I have my second one this week! Not that I’m off anywhere COVID has left me drryyyyer than a UAE sand dune, unable to work and trying to keep a start up moving!


However! For those lucky monkeys that have had the opportunity to keep working and save those COVID pennies I’m sure you are ready to go go go!  

Where can I travel when I've had both vaccinations?

Wondering where you're able to enter with your new found freedom? As although we can re-enter the UK freely it does not mean those countries our welcoming us with open arms.


So here is some inspiration for where those double jabbers can go fairly freely, some require a COVID test before you depart**


Travel Ideas for the Fully Vaccinated

GREECE –  Mykonos, Greece’s answer to St. Tropez! With beautiful beaches, quaint towns and a wonder of wellness options Mykonos is a must, especially for those who like to mix a little wellness with a little socialising!

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ITALY –  Explore Italy’s spectacular coastline. Do some activities such as hiking for some great views of Italy’s coastline, kayaking to some secluded beaches. You also get to relax by the beach and enjoy delicious meals overlooking spectacular cliffs, colourful villages and sparkling seas. Check out awesome retreats you can join or beautiful properties for you and your tribe to create you own!


SPAIN (BALERICS) – Check-in at Ibiza, Spain’s charming luxury boutique rentals that has amazing views and fabulous sunsets. While you’re there are lots of things to do, attend a yoga session, explore historic landmarks, visit small towns and what Ibiza is known for beach clubs. Here are some amazing properties to book where you can indulde in private yoga sessions with our amazing host Opale.


THAILAND (PHUKET) – Offers great white beaches, lots of water activities like kayaking, surfing and diving. If water activities is not your thing, take a picnic and visit several waterfalls throughout Phuket and drop by some colourful Buddhist temples. At the end of the day take a relaxing Thai massage. Check out this private villa that has an amazing oceanfront view and your own personal chef!


CROATIA – Enjoy a full and authentic experience recreating your favourite scenes from the Game of Thrones. If you are a nature person you’ll have plenty of choices visiting the national parks, lakes and waterfalls. The best way to experience Croatia’s crystal waters is by going sailing. Here our hosts incredible tours to join.


GEORGIA – Georgia is all about nature and history. This is a sweet spot for those who love hiking and camping and enjoy stunning views of the Caucasus Mountain Range. Enjoy also a different spa experience as Georgia is known for its natural hot springs.


CURACAO – Curaçao is a Caribbean gem. It is the perfect spot to relax, and do underwater activities. There are great spots also for kite surfing and hiking at a nature park to get incredible views. Here are some incredible stays in Curacao you can curate your own private spa getaway with these local spa providers.


ICELAND – When you say Northern Lights, Iceland comes at the top of the list to see this celestial wonders. There are endless nature activities here such as whale watching, cycling the Ring Road, hiking and camping to get the best views of the valleys, forests and glaciers. Before ending your trip take a dip at one of the geothermal baths. 

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CYPRUS – Looking for a place that has blue skies and perfect year round weather, Cyprus is the place to be. While you're here discover ancient history, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, or just relax by the beach. You can also experience living like a local by trying bread making, olive picking or learning a craft from the locals.


SWITZERLAND – Known for the Alps that offers simply breath-taking views all around you, including spotting six countries when you’re at the summit. There are lots of activities aside from skiing such as taking an e-bike tour, camping, rafting, paddle boarding, and at the end of the day enjoy a thermal bath with a view. 


As you can see, if you're looking for fully vaccinated holiday ideas, there's lots of options out there if you are wondering where to travel after both jabs. Explore all our retreats, properties and adventures using our search facility.



Restrictions provided by SHERPA, updated 12/07/21